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My business is helping entrepreneurs achieve their corporate and personal goals.

I am a founding partner at the Apheleon Group, where we provide corporate advisory services to assist in enterprise growth. What do we do?

  • Growth Financing. There comes a time for many companies when it becomes necessary to raise funds in order to take advantage of corporate growth opportunities. The fact is, many management teams are not equipped to succeed in the quest for financing.

    Apheleon professional have participated as advisers or principals in raising more than $150 million of growth capital for small companies. Apheleon’s Financing Preparation Programs help you to: (a) develop an effective elevator pitch, (b) craft an effective executive summary (c) create a dynamic presentation for prospective investors and (d) deliver an effective pitch. We can also incorporate elements of our Business Plan Development Program (including financial modeling) and Go-To-Market Planning Program if requested. If desired, we will accompany clients to financing meetings and, in some cases, introduce clients to prospective financing sources.

  • Business Plan Development.Too often a business plan is a document filled with “fluff” that sits in a drawer gathering dust once it is completed. The fact is, a business plan is more than this – it should be the road map by which your company governs its actions and strategies. Apheleon has worked collaboratively with a number of businesses to develop thorough, actionable and measurable business plans.

    The Business Plan Development process begins with market intelligence, so that plans are grounded in fact – not personal anecdote or assumption. The process then includes workshops with staff and management to identify opportunities and allocate resources. It also includes financial modeling to project pro-forma statements and understand cash flows, as well as financing needs. The result of Apheleon’s Business Plan Development process is a document that offers a comprehensive outlook for the company. This plan is commonly used to guide management action, attract investors, and measure performance.

  • Go-To-Market Planning. Apheleon’s Go-To-Market Planning Program allows you to (a) obtain a holistic understanding of your market and profile your customers, (b) gain customer insight in order to segment and identify your most lucrative prospects (c) ensure your go-to-market investments are allocated to high-reward prospects, customers and activities (d) ensure that your sales and marketing activities are fully grounded in regards to sales cycle and the purchase process and (e) understand and develop realistic time horizons and identify key milestones.

    Apheleon’s Go-To-Market Planning strategies are founded upon rigorous market knowledge in order to ensure that investments are aligned with opportunities. Go-To-Market Planning is designed to enable you to achieve specific objectives in clearly defined timeframes.

  • Client Acquisition Program. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. The focus of Apheleon’s Client Acquisition Program is to help you grow your firm’s prospects, clients and revenues. Apheleon initiates an internal review of all prospecting channels, relationships and other leverage points and designs and assists in the implementation of programs that can get you and your team in front of more referral sources and prospects. In many cases Apheleon can broker beneficial relationships and make direct introductions to prospects, referral sources and complementary business providers in market segments of interest.

  • Goal Setting Workshop. There is a strong relationship between a successful company and an effective goal management process. Strong business goal alignment and goal visibility allow for quicker execution of company strategy by enabling management to allocate proper resources across various projects. Managers can align their staff to the company’s most important goals and reduce task redundancy throughout their team. At the same time, this efficiency gives employees a greater understanding of how their efforts serve the broader business goals.

    Goal management also lets you establish a true pay-for-performance culture by effectively communicating company goals to individual employees. This clarity provides the groundwork for linking reward systems with individual and team performance.

    Apheleon’s Goal Setting Workshops are focused on developing specific and actionable goals for your business. Workshops address key components of any goal and lead participants through the process of goal setting, resulting in a set of critical corporate (and personal) goals. Apheleon’s Goal Setting Workshops also address corporate mission statements and issues of corporate (and personal) values.

  • Arabian Gulf Representation. Apheleon is partnered in Saudi Arabia with His Highness Prince AbdulAziz bin Mohammed bin Turki bin AbdulAziz Al-Saud. With its base and key partnerships in the region, Apheleon offers business representation and consulting services to those companies seeking to do business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in throughout the Middle East. By engaging Apheleon, companies gain immediate access to a well-developed local business network, key in-country business leaders and relevant decision makers. Apheleon’s representation services allow companies to field a professional team on the ground that has the experience, know-how and local connections required to keep you better informed and help you succeed.

    Apheleon can provide you with the physical and legal infrastructure necessary to transact business effectively within these countries. Business services in this area include:

    Administrative Services – corporate formation and compliance, physical office presence and mailing address, facilitation of local tax and accounting services, provision of translaters and interpreters, and coordination of visa and travel needs.

    Identifying and introducing you to potential distributors;

    Identifying and introducing you to prospective joint venture partners;

    Arranging meetings with other interested parties;

    Providing market research;

    Designing a communications strategy to establish and maintain a positive corporate image;

    Collaborating with local partners on the development of a sales and marketing strategy; and

    Keeping you informed about new projects and related business opportunities.

    If you are interested in discussing any of these services, you can contact me here.

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