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Do you have trouble keeping abreast of the relevant news and blogs in the startup and emerging growth space? You’re not alone!

The StartupWeekly is the best way to stay informed about the news and discussions that take place focusing on startups, entrepreneurship and early-stage investing.

The StartupWeekly grew from a set of emails that I would send around to friends and colleagues to keep them abreast of key development in the startup and emerging growth environment. Now it has grown to a regular curated digest.

Each Monday, you will receive ONE email digest. This digest is curated, which means we choose those posts and news items that we believe are most valuable from the previous week. In addition to title and url, we offer a brief summary of what each post contains – so you can determine for yourself if you have time to read it.

For now, The StartupWeekly is hosted here at my blog, since it’s merely and email signup form. In the near future we will move it to its own site. I hope you find The StartupWeekly a useful tool.

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