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Mr. Elliott is available to speak at events and appear for broadcast interviews. He has a diverse history in this area, including: presenting to marquis venture capitalists, talking with aspiring high school and college students interested in entrepreneurship and speaking in front of diverse community groups interested in startups, entrepreneurship and the formation of innovation ecosystems.

Each of Mr. Elliott’s presentations is tailored to the specific needs and particular level of knowledge of his listeners. His focus is to give audiences a down to earth understanding and practical tips in regards to the field of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance.

Public Speaking topics include:

  • PRIVILEGE to Succeed: 10 Key Elements of a Startup. In this presentation Mr. Elliott examines the components that must be present in order to beat the odds and achieve success in a new venture. The ideas presented are conceptual rather than granular but are designed to provoke specific audience Q&A.

  • Know Thyself. Identifying and articulating your features and benefits (and distinguishing between the two) is a foundation for product success. In this presentation, Mr. Elliott reviews the difference between features and benefits and offers advice on how best to articulate them. A longer form presentation extends to an examination of product positioning.

  • Reach for the Stars. Developing (or refining) a Go-To-Market strategy is critical for corporate success. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fail to devote the time and resources necessary for this endeavor. Mr. Elliott discusses the key elements of a Go-To-Market strategy and provides advice and instruction on how to effectively develop a practical Go-To-Market plan.

  • A Penny Saved. Many entrepreneurs encounter difficulty understanding historical financial statements and developing effective financial pro-forma models. Mr. Elliott addresses key elements of the financial statement process, including an emphasis on “bottom up” financial modeling. This is extended further into a practical discussion on valuation techniques.

  • The Ground Floor. An entrepreneur needs to be prepared for every opportunity with a polished elevator pitch. Whether encountering a potential investor, strategic partner or key account, a brief but cogent description of your business is critical. Mr. Elliott presents the 5 key components of an elevator pitch and discusses how to build and refine your description into two minutes or less.

  • Wheel of Fortune. Seeking growth funding can be a harrowing process. Once you do sit in front of a prospective investor, following best-practice procedures can make all the difference. Mr. Elliott guides you step-by-step through the only 15 slides you should use in an investor presentation.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Building innovation centers and entrepreneurial ecosystems in communities is a difficult and time intensive process. Mr. Elliott presents some of the key elements needed to reach “critical mass” and discusses strategies for creating and collaborating amongst stakeholders.

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