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How To Get Publicity

Posted by Seth Elliott On January - 14 - 2010

“Publicity is the life of this culture – in so far as without publicity capitalism could not survive – and at the same time publicity is its dream.” John Berger Publicity can be a godsend for a growing business. More than one tale of “overnight” success is founded upon a “lucky break” in media exposure. […]

How to Get Venture Capital for Your Company – Part II

Posted by Seth Elliott On January - 7 - 2010

This post is part two of a series, starting with a How to Get Venture Capital Funding For Your Business – Part I. If you haven’t read that post yet, I’d suggest that you start there first. If you’ve followed my suggestions thus far, you’ve answered questions about your business and financing requirements. You’ve also […]

How to Get Venture Capital Funding for Your Business – Part I

Posted by Seth Elliott On January - 5 - 2010

A big part of my practice over the last fifteen years has been working with companies that are seeking financing. Regardless of anticipated structure or amount, there are specific strategies and tactics that can be used to significantly enhance the prospects of a successful financing. These tips are particularly relevant when seeking venture capital (or […]

How To Get A Return Call

Posted by Seth Elliott On December - 17 - 2009

You don’t need me to tell you that the pace of business continues to accelerate in today’s world. In the midst of each frenzied day, you no doubt have several key people you need to reach. Often, getting a return call can be of critical importance. Whether you are trying to close a sale, pitch […]

Cell Phone Etiquette: 10 Tips for Cell Phone Usage

Posted by Seth Elliott On December - 1 - 2009

I’d suggest that it is no longer feasible to operate in the business world without a cellular phone. Communication is a key element of any entrepreneur’s success, and today that includes the means for rapid response – a cellular phone. Nonetheless, cell phones can be abused – and often are. Here are 10 tips for […]

The Name Game: 6 Tricks for Remembering Names

Posted by Seth Elliott On November - 17 - 2009

Recently, I was at a small investor conference in Boca Raton. At the pre-cocktail hour I ran into an acquaintance of mine. David had been to this event before, and he had already “worked the room” prior to my arrival. We chatted together and move around the venue. The CEO of one of the presenting companies came up to chat with David. He turned to introduce us, and I saw a look of panic flash across his face. I knew immediately that David had forgotten this gentleman’s name. Stepping into the breach, I introduced myself directly, saving David some embarrassment.

Forgetting someone’s name has probably happened to all of us at some time or another. I have a fairly good memory, and I’m usually OK in small meetings. Nonetheless, at larger events, it’s easy to end up in a situation where you’ve forgotten a name – and it becomes quite evident. While not catastrophic, it’s not an impression any of us want to give.

Remembering names is a skill that can give you an advantage in both social and business circumstances (not to mention save you a great deal of embarrassment). Interestingly, a great deal of research […]