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Nosce te ipsum

Posted by Seth Elliott On June - 10 - 2010

In order to advance in business or life, the old aphorism holds true: Know Thyself. We’ve examined the process of goal setting before – but can you set goals without a comprehensive level of self-knowledge? Identifying your core personal values and, by extension, those values that underpin your business is of critical importance in the […]

What’s Your Problem?

Posted by Seth Elliott On April - 29 - 2010

One of the best ways to develop your company’s strategic plan, summary and especially elevator pitch is by asking yourself (and your team) a series of core questions. A great approach is to pose these questions and engage in an intensive brainstorming session for each to determine answers. In each case, you want to develop […]

How To Remotivate Yourself

Posted by Seth Elliott On January - 26 - 2010

As January begins to wind down, I thought it might be time for a post on sustaining motivation. Regular readers of the Unchained Entrepreneur may know, I’m not a big fan of New Years Resolutions. Instead, I encourage a process of regular goal setting and analysis . Nonetheless, for many people, now is the time […]

Entrepreneurial Jiu-Jitsu: Weakness to Strength

Posted by Seth Elliott On December - 22 - 2009

The reasons not to take the entrepreneurial plunge are as many as the day is long. “I don’t have the right connections;” “I don’t have access to venture capitalists;” “There’s nothing new – everything’s been thought of already;” “I’m not a technologist.” I’m sure you can come up with five more before finishing the next […]

Goal Setting: How to Set Goals For Maximum Success

Posted by Seth Elliott On November - 10 - 2009

Goals are the underpinning for any success. Your business, your athletics, you hobbies, your life itself are all keyed off of goal setting. Every successful person I know is incredibly goal oriented. Successful individuals determine their desires and focus intensely on achieving them.

The last twenty years have seen an explosion in goal setting evaluation. Indeed, a number of studies have shown empirical evidence that written goal setting provides significant improvement in achievement.

If you accept that goal setting and seeking is so valuable, you must be asking yourself “Why don’t more people set clearly defined goals?” I will tell you that even I am astonished by how often I encounter individuals (particularly entrepreneurs) floundering about in pursuit of some ambiguous “success,” rather than following a road-map that ends in specific goals. I think there are three primary obstacles that prevent people from focusing intensely on goal setting.

  1. They Don’t Know the Importance of Goals. Before you read the preceding section, how critical did you think it was to set goals in your personal and business lives? It seems that most people don’t realize the value of goal setting. Most Americans receive no formal education regarding goal setting in either high-school or college. Given this, many people are raised in households where goal setting is effectively non-existent. As adults, many individuals work in environments and socialize with friends where goal setting is never discussed or addressed. Still not convinced? Make a list of your family, friends and colleagues. How many people on your list do you think regularly engage in goal setting activities?
  2. They Don’t Know How. Once someone understands the power and value of goals, they often find themselves facing another obstacle – what to do next. I received a Bachelors Degree from a well regarded institution in Washington, D.C. and a MBA from one of the top ranked schools in the nation. In six years of post-secondary education, not once did I receive any instruction in regards to goal setting. It seems clear that one of the major reasons for lack of goal setting is that people don’t know how to set goals in the first place. Please note, I’m talking about properly constituted goals (see below). Almost everyone has daydreams or wishes. A desire to “be rich” or “famous” or even “happy” is not a goal, however. The lack of a process and framework for goal setting holds many people back from determining and achieving their goals.
  3. They Don’t Want to Fail. The third primary reason for the lack of goal setting […]